robert (17K)Theoretical astrologer Robert FitzGerald has spent years researching astrological applications to various other disciplines beyond the scope of traditional astrology. It began thirty-five years ago when he noticed correspondences between historic epochs and astrological ages, and how astrological ages have embedded in them accurate and precise end-time cycles. Ages, end-time cycles and their meanings are comprehensively discussed in his book, Signs of the Times, where he explains the astrological structure of time and how it applies to the meaning of human existence.

His research has since taken him into physics, genetics, religion, mythology, and most recently into the roots of gender roles, where he has sought out many other astrological correspondences. He currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Feminine Moon, Masculine Sun
    "Mr. FitzGerald’s new book Feminine Moon, Masculine Sun: Understanding the Cosmic Dimensions of Gender Roles in Your Relationship and Life is a powerful and much needed look at the archetypal and astrological roots of our gender roles and who we are within creation. His work reveals just how important our gender roles are and how we can redefine them for a new age of equality and respect between men and women. This is a must-read for men as well as all women interested in the essential and powerful essence of the feminine in our lives, relationships and in society in general."
  • An Erotic Genesis
    "For centuries Christian theologians have used the Christian creation stories of Genesis—the Seven Days of Creation and the Garden of Eden--to blame women for the fall of man (Eve and Original Sin) and to effectively keep women out of the social and religious life of Christian society. Using his knowledge of astrology and mythology, the author seeks to redress this situation by imaginatively retelling these stories, re-introducing and elevating the feminine to a position of mythic and spiritual equality with the male God."
  • Signs of the Times
    "The Signs of the Times is a fascinating account of how time and history follow an astrological structure. This structure consists of astrological ages that are chronicled from before the Age of Cancer, and the invention of agriculture around the world, to the present end of the Age of Pisces, and the much-prophesied Apocalyptic end of the world. Within this pattern an end-time cycle emerges that explains the Apocalyptic energies that we see around us today. Astrology also promises, in the coming Age of Aquarius, a new golden age and gives us indications of what needs to be done to survive this end-time."


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