A New Relationship

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Redefining gender roles allows us to create the vision and potential for a new relationship, one that is spiritually powerful, materially prosperous, and passionately sexual. We are at a point in our evolution where relationships can be embraced as a more nurturing approach to spiritual attainment than the outgoing Pisces ideal of abstinence, renunciation and poverty. What is presented here is just a beginning, a place to dialogue from to see what we can create for ourselves. Each couple will come to their own relationship in their own way.

The Age of Pisces is coming to a close. This means that the dominant spiritual vision of this last age is also dissolving. Escape from life and the retiring monastic vision of current religious truth is already giving way to a more life-embracing religious path of attaining oneís desires and happiness within society through the Human Potential movement, and through New Thought and New Age techniques of repeating affirmations and setting intentions.

The New Age of Aquarius rules hopes, dreams and wishes, an important spiritual quality that makes astrological sense out of New Age self-help teachings. Christ had said that at the end of time, we would all be able to perform the miracles that he performed, and more. This reflects the Leo opposite to Aquarius with each man and woman opening to their own kingship and their inner powers to perform miracles wherever and whenever they wish.

The relationship is the primary environment within which creation takes place. Rather than travel the spiritual path as individual monks or nuns, most of us might feel better if we could travel with our partner, within a loving and evolved relationship. In this relationship, the battle of the sexes changes, and Leo and Cancer enter into a creative dance of heart and spirit. Cancer and Leo are equals, and their respective strengths need to be embraced in order for a powerful creative relationship to emerge. Cancer nurtures Leo, while Leo lights the fire of Cancer, and the couple together intensifies the energies of creation and the fulfillment of desires and wishes.

Horoscope Astrology

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The first step in your relationship is to find where you are as a couple. Each person in our astrological universe has a natal horoscope. This is your basic personality profile. Your horoscope will tell you where your challenges lie, and how to overcome them. This basic profile allows for a wide variety of expression. What this means is that not all men or women will naturally fit the sometimes rigid application of gender roles within society. Many men will be drawn to types of expression and activities that do not fit easily within the macho ideals of masculinity. Men with strong Moon positions in their charts, for example, planets in Cancer or the Fourth House will naturally express the feminine qualities associated with these astrological elements to varying degrees.

Out of twelve signs, six are feminine imparting various feminine qualities to those men with strong elements associated with these signs in their charts. This indicates that the Cancer/Leo gender polarity is more a sliding scale than rigid opposites. The same applies to women. Leo and Aries energies, as an example, give to these women a stronger masculine drive toward activity and creativity. Everyone will be given the astrological freedom to explore where they fit within this gender scale. And all positions along this scale are divinely inspired placements.

When two people come together their personal profiles connect astrologically. Synastry reveals how your chart interacts with that of your partner. How do you love each other? Is it a lighthearted love, or a heavy intense love? Or is it some other type of attraction? Are you compatible? Compatibility is different from either love or attraction. How about communication? Stability and long term endurance is yet another, different set of astrological channels. Once you have a handle on this, you will have a greater understanding of how to enjoy and improve your relationship.

In committed relationships, your chart also combines with that of your partner into a new and separate composite chart based on midpoints that will reveal how the two of you together express your relationship as a combined or composite entity. Too often relationships fall apart because the two people involved are unconscious of the energies in their relationship, and how those energies set up growth challenges and dogmas that have to be effectively dealt with.

Same Sex Relationships

This is an important topic because as we get into Aquarius, the revolutionary and anti-traditional qualities of Aquarius will support and even push relationships out of the old and rigid traditional boundaries for acceptable relationships. Casual and live in relationships outside marriage are becoming far more mainstream in our culture. Even more controversial is the push for same sex marriages as equal to heterosexual marriages.

The desire nature of the divine feminine is expressed most profoundly in sexual contact between masculine and feminine genders. But is this all that there is to creation? Because same sex attraction is encoded in our DNA, there must be some divine reason for these types of emotional bonds. The sacred desire to express and experience love within this creation extends to all manner of loving expressions, including same sex attraction. There is a divine and spiritually acceptable element to this just as we assume a sacred nature to heterosexual attraction. The masculine and feminine poles within a single body seek sacred expression through their natural attraction to members of their own gender in a divine display of love and nurturing that transcends the limits of patriarchal religious dogma.

The monastic spiritual ideal takes this a step further and seeks masculine/feminine integration within the physiology of a single individual monk.


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Within your relationship, create rituals that enliven your desires and empower your focus. These desires are usually around money. We live in a money economy, and there is nothing spiritually wrong with desiring wealth. It is a valid desire, but too much focus on money and material things takes away from the deeper values of life such as happiness, love and your relationship.

Sex. Ritual tantric sex once or twice a week, in addition to your regular approach to sexuality, can add powerful orgasmic creative energies to your desires. Decide on what the two of you desire to accomplish. Coming together in an intimate sexual way enlivens your 1st and 2nd chakras, your Moon and Sun projection centers, and creates a powerful creative energy around the two of you. Keeping your thoughts easily and quietly focused on your desires, slowly increase the orgasmic energy between you until you feel like climaxing.

You, the man in this relationship, should stop and withhold your physical release prior to climax, until the urge subsides. Both of you bring your orgasmic energies up your spines to cleanse and open your higher creative energy centers. Then repeat your stroke. Continue doing this, alternating between stroking and holding back, until you feel complete and are ready to release. Imagine, feel, or visualize your desires shooting up between and around you in an emotional creative orgasmic release, shooting up to heaven and spreading around the world. As you make love to the universe through each other, the universe will make love back to you via prosperity and success, and the fulfillment of your hopes, dreams and wishes.

Combine personal desires with universal desires. Aquarius rules helping humanity. Helping others in this way, seeing everyone as prosperous, helps to bring more prosperity to your relationship.

Our chakra axis along our spinal columns acts as the primal creative energy axis mundi in each of us. In this way, we are each the centers of our universe. Tantra is an ancient sexual meditation based on the holographic idea embedded in our chakras. Pulling orgasmic energy up your spines along with your visualizations, rather than wasting that energy during masculine ejaculation, is a powerful way to cleanse and empower your heart chakras. This then opens you to the potential for recreating your universe, molding it into a world of easy fulfillment of love, desires and prosperity.

Menstruation. Menstrual blood was traditionally seen as the source of creative power. Blood, menses, comes from the Moon and flows freely on a precise monthly or Moon schedule. Because of the mythic power of a womanís blood, rituals were enacted to connect with this power and honor this process. The most basic part of these rituals was the retirement of women during their menses to the embrace of Mother Nature, away from the pull of the village. Many women report that they experience a heightened psychic energy during their period. This is important in that it reveals a potentially powerful aspect of menstruation that can add power to your relationship.

Honor a womanís menstrual period. Create and support a womanís need or desire to retire from the family for at least one or two days for her flow. The receptive, absorbing quality of the feminine pulls the negative energies out of her husband and her family during the month. This energy is stored in her, and is released during her flow of menstrual blood. During this time a woman can reflect on her desires, visualizing her blood flow absorbing and taking out of her body all of the collected negative energies absorbed during that month. Menstruation becomes a time of healing for everyone.

Upon returning to the family following menstruation, ritualize her return with a marriage or union ceremony of sorts. Enjoy a romantic dinner out. Create a romantic sexual evening to reconnect your feminine and masculine creative energies. This can serve to heighten the desire between you and your desires for prosperity.

Meditation. Meditation is a personal ritual designed to center yourself within your spiritual center. This can also be seen as finding your astrological center within your personal horoscope chart. It pulls your attention away from the challenges of the planets situated around the edge of the zodiac to the quiet and powerful heart center of the circle. Meditating quiets the mind and allows your intellect to transcend the shallow mind where worries and problems assail you. You open to a deeper more creative level of mind, closer to the Universal Mind of the mental dimensions, the Word that is God. This level is also more directly connected with the emotional dimensions of love and creative desires.

A good daily ritual is to meditate twice a day, morning and evening, for about 15 to 20 minutes. Doing this together, sitting side by side, you might imagine that you are mimicking the side-by-side creative position of Cancer and Leo in the zodiac. If you are easily distracted by extraneous noise, play soft meditative music as background for this to help during your meditation.

Feng Shui. Spend time to organize and ritually align your house to the structure of astrological heaven. Feng shui is an ancient Oriental tradition of placement within the home in order to enliven the potential spiritual and prosperous energies that flow across the environment and through buildings. The East Indian tradition of vastu vidya works the same way. Your house is a square or rectangular expression of the zodiac, a squaring of the circle, and as such it contains the creative potential of the universe. There are nine astrologically active sections of your home that support your individual horoscope charts, and your composite chart. They also tap into the emotional dimensions and allow creative love to flow more freely through your house and your relationship.

The feminine Cancer quality of house and home has one of its most powerful expressions in placement. Feng shui is a powerful way to sanctify your home as your temple, and position yourself as the priestess and goddess of the family. Learning and practicing feng shui allows you to energize your home in positive ways that can create a powerful foundation for your other rituals. Each home has a prosperity and success corner or room, a relationship room and corner, and other qualities in eight places all the way around the house, as well as a ninth sacred center.

Head of Household. The Leo quality of kingship and leadership gives to man the position of head of household. But this has to be qualified. You, as the king do not own your family or your house. Cancer gives archetypal ownership of house and family to women. The feminine sign Capricorn, opposite to Cancer, further gives women the right to govern. There is a difference between governing and leading. Governing is an interactive communal process, while leading or ruling is a solitary position at the head of the governing body. A man has to earn his position of leadership from his woman. Women give men the right to rule if they show that they can rule wisely, and if their rule conforms to a womanís desires.

In a relationship, a woman is not a commoner to be ruled as much as a close advisor whose desires and ideas need to be taken into serious consideration. Her intuition is deeply tapped into the mystery of creation and therefore right action. It broadens and adds depth to a manís reasoning and leadership abilities. Women appreciate strong men, but they generally do not appreciate being dominated and ordered about.

Always include your wife in any decisions concerning your relationship and your family. Listen to her when she approaches you with her concerns. Work with her to come to a course of action or decision that supports her and your relationship. Relationship is the cauldron of creation, making that your first masculine priority. Your career is merely an extension of your relationship, and your desires as they spread out into the wider world. Her love for you will grow, and you will align yourself with greater depths of creative power and prosperity.

Do not bring your work home with you, and do not work long hours. Respect your relationship for the creative matrix that it is. Your relationship is your primary job. Love is far more important than making extra money or becoming successful. Love is your goal, while success is a pathway to finding love within relationship. Be home in time for dinner, as that is an important time when the Cancer archetype feeds the Leo archetype.

When you enter your house, do not grab a beer and plop down in front of the TV. Take a shower to revive yourself. The negative ions generated in the shower act to calm and refresh the body and mind. Cancer is a water sign. Come to the table with reverence for your partner. Help with the cleanup. Keep TV to a minimum unless she is interested. Retire a little early so that the two of you can re-bond emotionally after a long day.

Touch her shoulders and the small of her back, and grab her behind as loving gestures of appreciation of her. Touch is a powerful form of communication. Kiss her often. Kissing is the exchange of breath, or spirit and soul between you. The Latin for breath is spiritus.

Children. If you have children, do not keep your romantic energy hidden from them out of some sort of sexual shame or religious dogma. They will learn about life and love through watching the two of you interact. For many women, having children changes the dynamics of romance. Do not take away from your husband and focus all of your emotional energy on your kids. The Cancer qualities of home and family come easily to a woman, and you will automatically love your children from deep in your heart. But you must remember that it is the Leo/Cancer dance between you and your man that is the basis of creation. Within reason, pay attention to the needs of your husband before your children. Children will be much happier in a family where Mom and Dad deeply love each other and show it.

Prosperity. More success and prosperity can be gained from romancing the feminine in your relationship than from the battle of hard work and long hours at the office. Love is the currency of the universe, and by accessing as much love as you can with your partner, you will attract more power for manifesting prosperity to yourself. Affirmations and setting goals as intention gain power from emotional intensity. Affirmations are just thoughts and ideas without the creative power of love and emotional desire behind them. Your relationship is the primary universal place to generate that love and emotional power.

The dynamic creative potential of your relationship becomes the engine that drives life, society, and evolution. It is the primary matrix of creative love. The more powerful your relationship becomes, the more that you positively affect the rest of society and even the environment.

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