The Evidence of Science

Science today disavows any connections with astrology, astrology being quackery that does not even deserve notice. This said there are some intriguing insights and evidence that astrology might have some profound connections with how our universe is structured or built. This adds support for our discussion of gender roles and relationships.

The Dodecahedral Universe

The French astronomer Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Paris Observatory, leading an international group of astronomers, published findings in the 2003 in the journal Nature saying that our universe might be finite in size, perhaps only 30 billion light years across. More importantly for astrology, it has twelve sides to it, each side being a slightly curved pentagon in shape, creating a universe that looks like a soccer ball.

The cosmic microwave background radiation is not smooth across the entire sky. The universe reveals small but noticeable spikes at various places in the sky. The measured spikes are the result of folds that are part of a geometric shape, one side bending in toward another side. As it turns out, the mathematical formula for a twelve sided universe accounts for these spikes perfectly. The image we have is that these sides are slightly curved creating a universe that might look like a soccer ball with its twelve patches.

The number of sides, twelve, is highly significant. These twelve sides could very easily correlate to the twelve houses and twelve signs in the zodiac. These sides might also correlate to the twelve astrological constellations around the heavens. Adding this finding to the accuracy of astrological ages gives us a potential astrological framework for our universe that acts at the level of physics. If astrological ages are accurate descriptors of time, then a twelve sided universe indicates a spatial universe that has some type of connection to astrological laws and mathematics. Astrological ages are based on the flow of time. Ages gives us an astrological connection with the dimension of time. A dodecahedral universe could easily give us an astrological connection with the spatial dimensions.

Superstrings and a Universe of Love

md_universe (10K)

A major new theory in physics is superstring theory. This is a theory that says that our universe is built up from extremely tiny strings, either linear or circular, and can only exist in a universe with a minimum of ten dimensions. There has to be a minimum of nine spatial dimensions and a tenth dimension of time. Because we cannot see six of these nine spatial dimensions, logic dictates that these six have somehow broken off from our universe leaving us with the 4 dimensional universe that we see before us. Strings remain in contact with all nine spatial dimensions, but our universe only reveals three spatial dimensions. The other six are theorized to exist at the smallest of points throughout our universe curled into extra-dimensional tubular membranes.

While scientists insist that the lost six dimensions have broken from our universe, astrology gives us a very elegant picture of a universe with all dimensions intact and full-sized, and we live and move through them every single day. Indeed, an astrological multi-dimensional universe supports a spiritual view of reality as well as a scientific view. Astrology also accounts for the fact that we only see three spatial dimensions in a very unique way.

The mathematics of string theory say that strings cannot exist in less than ten dimensions. Nine dimensions are spatial. The tenth dimension is time. There is a powerful one-to-one correlation between strings and astrology in these numbers. The tenth house in astrology rules time. The tenth dimension is time. Expanding this correlation, the first nine houses in astrology should correlate to the nine spatial dimensions of string theory.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are configured around three qualities or activities inherent in creation. These qualities are cardinal, fixed and mutable. Cardinal signs are creative. Fixed signs are solid and permanent. And mutable signs are changeable and balancing. They are the three mythic qualities of creation, destruction and preservation. These qualities alternate around the circle, cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

In the first nine houses of the zodiac, there are three fixed signs. Fixed signs are defined as solid and physical, stable and permanent. These definitions are perfect descriptions of what we would call the three spatial dimensions, length, width, and depth, supporting solid matter within the physical world. This then opens up to us a rather revolutionary idea concerning multi-dimensionality. Spatial and physical do not mean the same things as far as dimensions are concerned. Of the nine spatial dimensions required for string theory, only three are physical spatial dimensions. The other six spatial dimensions have not broken off from our universe. They just code for spatial existence that is not physical.

The three cardinal signs indicate that three dimensions could easily code for emotional existence beyond the limits of the physical. Cardinal is creative and in esoteric thought, it is emotions and desire that create. Cardinal is also red implying an emotional heart element. In these three emotional spatial dimensions we might find Divine Love personified as the Mother Goddess. This love permeates everything and supports the esoteric and spiritual realities that see love as the most important path to enlightenment. Divine Love has many components in these dimensions, separating out as gods and goddesses who embody the many aspects of love in the universe. These dimensions are home to desires and creative impulses, nature spirits, and even ghosts. Awareness and higher states of consciousness connect the human heart with the fully aware emotions that live here. The love that permeates these dimensions underlies and interpenetrates the physical, and connects us all in a very real intimate unity with what we call God. Love vibrates through the vast space within our atoms and molecules. Meditation and prayer are techniques that help us to tap into this aspect of who we are.

The three mutable signs give us three mental dimensions that balance this universe and give us direction. In these dimensions there exists the Buddhist Universal Mind, what the Bible calls the Word that is God. These dimensions contain the sacred wisdom of all religions. This wisdom contains many parts that separate out into archetypes, mathematical formulas and truths, laws of nature, and what we might call great ideas. The power of thought is driven from these dimensions and allows us to perform miracles.

These trans-physical dimensions support an infinite megaverse within which our physical universe rests. Within this megaverse there could easily be countless other physical universes, like eggs in a nest. They can be parallel universes as well as universes that comprise our own many lives in the past as well as the future.

These dimensions may not be limited to one dimension of time. It could be that there are three time dimensions; forward, backward, and eternal or deep time. This would then give us an astrologically complete universe containing twelve dimensions, nine spatial and three time.

Strings are twice as small as sub-atomic particles, existing at the Planck length of 10-33 cm. A string could be perfectly circular with twelve segments that contain astrological energy or impulses. How these segments vibrate, and interact with the other segments dictates what type of particle or force is created. The Big Bang could have come from a string rather than a point known as a singularity. This string would have expanded explosively bringing with it all twelve astrological animating principles based on love and wisdom, and twelve dimensions within which these archetypes can live and evolve.

Holographic Universe and Human Divinity

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Physicist David Bohm, among others, ascribe to a theory that this universe is a holographic projection of a reality that exists outside the universe. This theory could be a part of the multi-dimensional universe described by astrology. Reality exists in the megaverse, and our physical universe is a projection from the megaverse. This is what the Oriental concept of Maya, illusion, says about the physical.

If we live in a holographic universe, then we must ask what type of mechanism is needed to create a living, breathing, solid, action filled universe filled with love and wisdom. The answer is the zodiac. Following current holographic processes, letís say that a Mother/Father beam of light containing reality within it descends to a place within the megaverse designated for a new physical universe. At the boundary of this new universe the light is split into two beams.

The Mother beam is mirrored off at a 90 degree angle to the line of descent. This beam circles the potential physical universe as outlined by the zodiac template. At each of twelve different windows, one twelfth of the Mother beam is reflected in through an animating window associated with an astrological house and sign. This beam is diffused and the animating energy of the window infuses this light with all of the qualities of this house and sign. The light is projected into the center of this universe. There are twelve different light beams diffused through all twelve windows, and these lights intermingle with all of the other lights filling this matrix with love and desire in twelve different possibilities.

The Father beam continues its descent straight down into the center of this zodiacal matrix. It descends down the axis mundi, sacred to all religions. As it does so, this light enlivens the seven creative centers sending diffused light out in all directions from each center into the universal matrix. These lights interact with the incoming lights of the Mother beam creating a vast and complex moray pattern of circular potential. All the parameters of the universe exist in every single ripple and only need to be shined on for the universe to emerge.

A third beam of light is required for the universe to emerge from the moray patterns. The Mother beam enlivens the lights of Cancer and Leo coming in through the bottom of the circle. The Father beam impregnates the Mother light of Cancer and Leo as it descends down the central axis. However we look at this, Cancer and Leo act as a springboard for a third human beam of light to enliven and bring our universe into being. Light is sent back up this axis mundi in a heroic journey and is projected out into this matrix. As it touches any or all parts of the moray patterns, our universe comes into being.

One interesting aspect of holographic universe theory is that human beings are co-creators with God or the Divine Creator. We are the ones responsible for projecting our third beam light collectively out into the creative matrix. How we do this decides the type of universe that we live in. Projecting light from one center creates or brings up a particular universe that will be limited, and might be violent. The more centers that we can project from increases the scope of life within an emotionally and mentally expanding universe. This is where we have problems.

Chakras. Chakra theory and meditation in the Orient are based on this view of creation. We have seven chakras in our bodies that are connected to the seven planetary rulers of the zodiac. Our spinal axis is a very real axis mundi that connects us directly with mythology and spiritual truth. We are, each and every one of us, the central axis of creation, regardless of where we live within the universe. But our chakras are not all clear. Currently, we project somewhat clearly from our bottom two chakras, corresponding to the level of Cancer and Leo, and what we see reflects this level of projection. The basic qualities of these two levels are aggression and kingship alongside survival and defense. We tend to project and see a dangerous universe where survival and fighting are predominant. The higher chakras are cloudy and prevent clear projection into the creative matrix. This dramatically limits how our universe looks and acts around us.

The spiritual techniques of meditation are designed to polish these chakras so that a more highly evolved universe can emerge from the potential mix within the moray patterns available. There is a paradigm shift happening right now that is focused on the opening of the heart chakra or projection center within as many human beings as possible. When this fourth chakra is cleaned and we are able to project our third beam out into creation through this center, the entire universe will transform around us. War and survival will cease to be a major function of life. These will be replaced by an overwhelming feeling of love, and the ability to manifest our desires at will. The energies of the lower chakras will remain active, but fear and survival along with fighting and overcoming challenges will give us an ability to enjoy drama at will but not suffer because of it. Drama will become a choice, like a ride at an amusement park, less violent and deadly, all the while feeling a much greater sense of love for all involved along with a happy sense of enjoyment in the drama.

Relationships become a great way to soften the battle between Cancer and Leo, bringing them together as we all strive to open our heart projectors. The battle between men and women will become harmonious and intensely emotionally fulfilling at the heart level.


caduceus (15K)

So, how do we human beings connect with this loving astrological multi-dimensional holographic universe on an intimate level? We connect with all of this through our DNA. The double helix of our DNA might be an astrological structure.

The ancient concept of time was cyclic. Time flows in circles. The Western eschatological and our contemporary scientific view of time is linear. Astrological ages reveal the truth of cyclic time. Astrological ages revolve around the zodiac over the course of 25,920 years before beginning the cycle again. In addition to the accuracy of astrological signs with corresponding ages, the opposite sign across the circle is also enlivened. The history of the Age of Cancer reveals powerful Capricorn influence as well. This indicates that the cyclical flow of energies around the zodiac is two pointed, like the twin arms of a compass needle.

Now, letís combine that cyclic image of time with the contemporary linear image. Look at the zodiac and highlight the signs Cancer at the bottom, and Capricorn at the top directly opposite Cancer. As time moves from Caner to Gemini, time also moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius. Now letís turn the zodiac 90 degrees to the right. We now see the zodiac as a vertical line. Now letís attach the linear view of time to this circle at the center. We can draw a line from left to right, from the past into the future, beginning at the center of the vertical line that is the zodiac. Again, highlight the bottom of the vertical line as Cancer and the top of this line as Capricorn.

Linear time moving forward can be seen to drag the zodiac cyclical time along with it, left to right, past into future. As the zodiac moves into the future, the astrological signs that mark ages begin to revolve around the circle. The marker for Cancer moves up while that for Capricorn moves down. As time progresses, time through the astrological signs create a huge cosmic double helix in a powerful revelation of the adage ďas above, so belowĒ. The double helix of time becomes a godlike genetic expression of divinity. The DNA of time connects very directly with the DNA of organic life. We are all intimately interconnected with the divine aspect of time, and thus with each other.

Only about 10% or less of our DNA codes for proteins or enzymes. The rest is considered useless ďjunk DNAĒ. But life might not be this wasteful. The junk 90% could easily code for all of the various astrological connections and information that connect us with all of creation. Where we are in our lives would be encoded in our DNA, which age, era and phase that we live in. As time changes, genes turn off and others turn on, keeping our DNA dynamically in line with time. This astrological level is universal so that there are no genetic differences that can be seen from species to species.

Our individual astrological information is also encoded here so that while we are all experiencing the same astrological influences, we each respond in highly individual ways as everything is processed through our personal natal charts. Epigenetic responses are also connected to our astrological templates. While our genetic makeup and our astrological template is established at conception, birth nine months later is intimately connected with time. Perhaps a birth gene turns on in response both to birth time, and to the astrological template that aligns birth with planet positions.

The accuracy of astrological ages, the possible twelve-sided structure of our universe, along with the astrological structure of religion and creation mythology supports our revolutionary idea that science and physics could contain interesting connections with astrology. From this perspective, we can make the assumption that our universe is astrologically designed around relationship as the primary creative force in life.

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